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CEO Van Eck Capital Mister Joe Black
I realized two things. There are no business guarantees. There are successful people.
The world is changing rapidly. Am I changing along with it? What am I doing to achieve my goals? Do I understand what money is?
Becoming friends with the guys who make a 3% a day on trading, I was amazed. However, if you've encountered something unknown – learn.
I have a broad experience behind me.
Right after graduation from the university, I was engaged in the wholesale trade of seafood.
Then I set up from scratch the branch of the Uniastrum Bank. A couple of years later I established the branch of Bank Avangard in my region.
For 5 years acting as a national advisor, I have been implementing the Economic Development Support Program. I supported small business with budget and knowledge.
I've founded the Quality Award, under the egis of which I had been gathering the elite of the region. I taught companies the best management experience and awarded the best. Etc.
I had been at the zero, was in the red, I had been on the top. I learned again and won again.
And here I am at the FinTech. Why?
I saw that being in the classic business I was losing in profitability in comparison with the FinTech breakthroughs. The world has become digital and is being ruled by the new financial technologies.
Talking with founders, specialists and clients of the FinTech companies, I wondered how is it possible to do >1% every day and double the capital during a some months.
After making a technical analysis and backing it up with clients' reviews, I realized that such profits are quite real. And what is more, in the long term.
Of course, only a few of the many participants in the crypto-stock community are able to get these incomes in a sustained fashion.
I know people like that. I see these flows with my own eyes and use these opportunities.
Every day I and people who invest according to my recommendations make a profit. We are the club of like-minded persons. We are well provided for and able to face the future with full confidence. Join, get our reviews, project links and copy the best investments.

Copy The Best Investments

Find out where it is profitable to invest and how to make money on digital assets
Solid Trade Bank
Low risk investment

2% return on your capital every week. Investment plans of Solid Trade Bank are competitive, profitable and the safest on the market.

Affiliate reward 0.5% and additional bonuses. Even without making own contribution.

V.E.C. portfolio: 20% share
Increase capital
Zion Finance
Low risk investment

Interest accrual 0.2-0.5% daily. The company works with money, securities and precious metals, provides loans to legal entities, and invests in promising projects.

Bonus of 3% from each deposit of any referral.

V.E.C. portfolio: 30% share
Ether Connect
Medium risk investment

Interest accrual 0.33-0.58% daily plus an increase in the price of the token. Etherconnect is a DeFi project, an ecosystem includes: Web Wallet, Blockchain system, Swap platform, IDO and NFT Market place, other financial activities.

Affiliate reward 8%/3%/2%/1% and additional bonuses.

V.E.C. portfolio: 15% share
Increase capital
Medium risk investment

1.5-2.5% daily earning. BRI online platform proposes the following investment directions: online trading operations, development and advertisement of mobile and web applications, and offline short-term high-interest loans.

Affiliate reward 7%/2%/1%.

V.E.C. portfolio: 15% share
Zet Bull
High risk investment

2.1-3.5% daily earning. Zet Bull Limited has been operating on stock markets, FOREX and cryptocurrency exchanges since 2019, closing hundreds of successful deals daily and allowing private individuals with limited funds participate in this activity.

Affiliate reward 5%/2%/1%.

V.E.C. portfolio: 15% share
Increase capital
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